We are the best candidates because..

the unknown thrills us, we don’t know what we would see, we don't know what we would come our way, we don’t know how the machine (car) is going to behave/ react/ respond. With so many unknowns the only certainty is us. Does that not sound thrilling/chilling. While we get firsthand exposure of the things we experience, we also get the responsibility to capture the experience & share it with so many people. It’s like we are the “eyes for the world”. It’s like playing the role of “Sanjay” from “Mahabharata” fame in real life. We think we have the capability to paint a picture of what we see as is in the minds of our audience. We think the Great driving challenge was designed for us & it’s our destiny to walk away with the winning prize. We think we can do justice to the task.