We are the best candidates because..

We strongly believe in fate… and it seems that this challenge is tailor made for us… The ingredients for success in this contest are time and focus, past experience, team-spirit, skills to convey a story through multiple mediums, and a different perspective to make that story interesting. We have it all! TIME AND FOCUS: Since we are in the middle of a move our mind is uncluttered, which will enhance our performance and commitment to the challenge. EXPERIENCE: We have taken road trips through wide range of conditions: the deserts, the blizzards, the crowded streets, the expressways, the torturous ghats, the streams, and the mucky monsoon paths. While I was with the WHO, I have spent more than 2 years on the roads of North India netting around 2K km/month, while Monica has traveled more than half the country because her Dad was in Defence. TEAM-SPIRIT: Both of us drive, so we usually take turns to drive-navigate/rest; though we have our shortcomings, we compliment each other well and are extremely effective as a team. SKILLS TO CONVEY A STORY: I am a trained photographer and a published writer (fiction and non-fiction); Monica loves to shop (trinkets to trophies) and eat (local delicacies to exotic food) at places we travel to. Collectively, we can make you experience our travel with the right blend of Cedia, culture, cuisines, and couture, through our pictures and words. DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: since we come from two distinct social (civil and defense), educational, and professional backgrounds we would bring in different perspectives to this competition, which will reflect in our photos and our writing.