Our Introduction

We, Monica & I, are poles apart, yet a perfect foil. She is an MBA, I’m a doctor (MBBS, MD). She is fire, I am earth; she is impatient, I’m patient; she is sharp, I’m blunt; she is an obsessive-compulsive planner, I just follow my heart; she loves pets, I love them from a distance; she lives on the edge, I prefer the ground; she is my strength, I’m her balance. We have a few things in common though: we are foodies: she likes to cook perfect food, I love to eat perfect food; we are addicted to the internet and movies, watching movies all through the nights is our favorite pass-time; we are laziness epitomized: one look at our bedroom would confirm this; we love to gamble, while she wins most times, I ensure that the house always wins; we are calorie conscious: albeit we only count our calories, don’t control it! We are vagabonds; currently, we are in our hometown, Mumbai, for a few months. Collectively we have lived in 16 cities and stayed in about 8-dozen cities across 4 continents. It would be trite to say we love to travel…. Let me put it this way: we are our sanest when we travel… travel is our oxygen.