Our Travelogue

When I was born, an astrologer professed that I would never leave Mumbai; 2 decades later, people around me had resigned to the prediction. Working with the World Health Organization changed everything; within the next few years I had traveled almost a third of India and the US, with a few visits to the Middle East and Europe. I still continue to make up for the lost time! On the other hand, Monica was born to move. As a child she hated moving; so she decided she would never move after getting married. As fate would have it, post-marriage she is still moving, still traveling, and loving both! She has lived in India, Middle East, and the US, and traveled more than I have. It would be easier to count the Indian states we haven’t visited; the most notable trips include: the visit to Bhuj as a Medical Relief Team Member and the encounter with dacoits in Chitrakoot (you can read more on my blog soon). During our courtship and post-marriage, we spent substantial time in Dubai; shopping our hearts out and splurging our savings to get the taste of opplulence at Burj Al Arab where all we did was shop and dine. While in the US, our travel continued: may it be whale-watching and lobster-munching at Boston, catching the rainbow at Niagara, marveling at the glassy genius at the Corning glass factory, savoring the Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia, immersing in the Baltimore aquarium, admiring the numerous memorials and cherry blossoms in Washington DC, digging our teeth in chocolates at Hershey, becoming a child again in Orlando, or basking in the sun on the beaches of Miami, finding the needle in Seattle; gambling our bank balances at Vegas; ticking off the overrated Kodak theater, Hollywood boulevard, the Beverly hills, and the LA beaches; arching our backs and necks at the Arches, Utah; and last but not the least, sinking almost 850 feet below sea-level at the death valley, California! We believe, we both are destined to travel… so what’s our next stop? Europe, may be.