Our Introduction

We are Jyoti and Gaurav Dabur from Bangalooru, India. Jyo is doing her own Business of Home furnishings where as Gaurav a Mechanical engineer turned to Software Engineer. They say "Marriages are made in heaven" and so do we agree now. After defying all the customs and tradition , we persuaded every one for more than 5 years that we are made for each other and settled for intercaste marriage. OH God, it was so difficult time and we think that one can make a movie on our love story. Its almost 2 years now and we both agree that our decision was very true we are almost same in every sense.If I love driving and roadtrip/longdrives , she just adores the idea, I love food , she loves cooking , If I am funny , she is hilarious , if I enjoy partying then no one can stop her when she starts dancing and the list can go on and on. We love each other to the extent that we enjoy whatever we do together.