Our Travelogue

INDIA: we have always been fond of travelling and exploring new places. We love to go on long drives and one of the longest Road Trip we had recently when we bought a new swift from Haryana and headed straight to Bangalore within couple of days.It was distance of 2500+ kms covering 6 states "(Karnal-Panipat-New Delhi- Faridabad-Mathura-Agra- Vrindavan-Gwalior-Jhansi-Bhopal-Hoshangabad-Nagpur-Adilabad-Nizamabad-Hyderabad- Kurnool- Anantapur-Bangalore)" in 5 days. Every one objurgated not to take the route as there were Wildlife sanctuaries, Chambal ghaati. But we had to explore the real India so we commenced our journey and did it all during the drive. Haulted in Chambal ghaati to click some shots , drove from 6am in morning till 11pm in night on lonely highways , never passed on any interesting place without clicking pictures. The great thing was , we never booked any hotel before reaching the towns we stayed in , so it was on the spot booking the hotels at 11pm in night. We never knew that India could be soo beautiful with all its stupendous landscapes of Madhya Pradesh, transcendent villages , flowing rivers , sunflower fields and above all the people from different states. We never felt as strangers in a new town for finding a hotel. So the trip was enthirilling and left us with a lifetime of cherished memories. We make sure to capture every moment to share it with rest of our friends. Apart from that , we have many memorable trips to most of the North Indian Hill stations ( Manali ,Shimla , Dalhousie, Khajiyar , many a times to visit Maa Vaishno Devi temple near Katra , Jammu) to South Indian paradise (Coorg , Madikeri , Dubare , Mysore). Once we went to Nandi hills at 4 oclock in the morning to see the Sunrise. Also been to trekking in Matheran. ABROAD : Israel and Germany - We went to Israel and Germany on a company Project and there we got a personal car and so had a chance to relive our passion of road trips. The Best was from Tel aviv to Eilat ( Israel) which is nearly 400 kms and covers all majors cities in Israel(total length of county is 600km). We drove along the Dead Sea , through the desert , rocky mountains , craters and also to the south most point of Israel from where we saw 4 countries at once(Egypt , Jordan , Saudi Arabia and of course Israel ). We had a chance to swim in Read Sea when in Eilat. Also read newspaper floating in the Dead Sea without any support.Its the only water reserviour in the world where nothing can get drowned. That time we felt that we have one of the five elements of earth in our control. As a frequent traveler to Germany , Gaurav has done it all from driving on autobahn at 230 km/hr in BMW 320 to visiting Ferrari museum in Sinsheim to a Road trip from Frankfurt to Paris. Jyoti have also explored most of the Europe (Milan , Venice , Valencia , Frankfurt , Munich , Barcelona) , UK (London , Burmingham) and Hongkong in Asia. So we both are traveller at heart.