We are the best candidates because..

We love travel, but one can argue many do so why us? Well we are passionate about it to such an extent that we chose to live with our parents so that we could travel at will, as the kids do not miss school and can stay with their Grandparents. Then Karan quit his business and went into semi retirement at the age of 39 because he suddenly realised that he has a blank passport and has not gone beyond the boundaries of the main cities of India. We both are so passionate now that we dedicate at least 3-4 months in a year to travel and holiday, not counting the small week end trips. To tell you of just last year at how crazy we are about travel that Karan last year took of all on his own with a Golf set just in case on a trip to find his Soul in the heart of India- Uttar Pradesh, as my younger son had his 10th board exams coming up and had pre-boards to study for so I had to stay home for moral support. It was July with the temperatures soaring to 40+ . He played Golf at Agra with strangers he met a night before and then on to Allahabad at the Army Golf Club, where he walked across the greens to a playing four ball and then fixed a game for the next morning. Made life long friends with the Col and then returned the courtesy by playing with him in Chandigarh. Went ahead to Lukhnow to Cafe Coffee Day walked in heard two guys talking over coffee about boarding school, went up introduced himself as a product of one too, got invited for dinner by one of the persons who turned out to be a Nawab.... he did not play Golf here as it got cancelled due to the night having ended too late. Nawab 'Farid' as he is called by friends made him richer by sharing his experiences and now we are all good friends just because of our passion to travel......... By three weeks of touring the entire Uttar Pradesh our elder son joined him at Moradabad and both of them then went to Jim Corbett sighted cubs and stayed at Marchulla for Mahseer fishing....... Most of our friends do not believe that one can travel in the heights of summer all alone and that to to Uttar Pradesh and not to the hills....I think this is a very strong testament to ones passion to travel. - Chandana