Our Introduction

We are Moutusi & Sharath (And an important member of our family is Simba, our lab. I wish we have a chance to take him along with us on the driving challenge! I know it would be so much more fun!), together for a long time now, we have realized that it is no longer fun doing things without each other! We share a passion for adventure, travel, nature, cars, bikes, pets (Dogs in particular). I am a Pro-Sports person and involve myself in Rugby, Football, Cricket, Karting at the drop of a hat! I also have a special soft spot for Snooker & Pool. I am lucky that Moutusi shares my excitement and has been a staunch supporter of me being involved in all these activities. Let me let you in on a little secret that not many people are aware of… or were aware of until now J Sports played a BIG part in getting us together! While we were in college studying for our MBA we had a competition every semester called Blitzkrieg. The entire college was divided into 2 groups, the Gladiators (of which Mou & I were a part of) and the Bravehearts. Needless to say that Mou was (Ahem) impressed by yours truly being intensely involved in sports (AND the smile :) ). We have a special place for a couple of vehicles with old world charm! We were very happy that we had the same taste in cars & bikes and went out at the first opportunity looking for the car of our dreams! I already had a Royal Enfield, a 500 at that AND we went out and got ourselves a Gypsy! :) :) :)