Our Introduction

We are Indira and Sreeni (www.sreeni.org); Have been married for eleven years now. We have a lovely, creative, intuitive, energetic and exploring six-year old daughter, Mallika. We believe life to be a journey of exploration, experimentation, introspection and contribution. Both of us really enjoy exploring within and without, and the wonderful world around ! This evident in every activity we do. ====> Indira (introduced by Sreeni) ------------------------------------- Indira, born in Bhilai and studied in Madhya Pradesh, armed with a management degree has worked in developmental sector for a few years supporting women and child development projects. She has travelled alone in the hinterlands of Bihar, UP and Himachal training women on self-help etc. She later went on to head HR of one of the IT companies. All colleagues of organizations that she has worked with still enjoy calling and talking to her. She is a great team player and an outstanding mentor any one can have. Finally she found her calling - with children. She went on to create an institution in the early childhood education. Today she enjoys creating outstanding learning environments for early formative years of children. Children really love her presence and her story-telling takes the cake. If Indira is there, a swarm of children you will find around her. She is passionate about music, cinema, books apart from travel and cuisine. Our daughter, Mallika's passion for books and learning, and owning responsibility at this tender age, is all due to Indira's friendly interactions with Mallika. All in all, a great friend and mentor in my life. ======> Sreeni (Introduced by Indira) ------------------------------------- Sreeni, born in Tirupati with schooling in Hyderabad, is an extremely energetic and compassionate human being. He is like a genie in the box who can do almost everything or who tries his hand at everything. He is an alumnus of the IIM Bangalore with a post graduation in computer science from JNU. He has marked his time working in the IT Software and Television software sectors before finding his calling in Human Software - Education. He is an entrepreneur by his professional disposition and currently works with a leading education organization in South Asia, which he co-founded with a few friends from childhood and college. Off the many areas they contribute to the nation in education, I am proud of their endeavours in educating children with schools in the rural and tribal belts. Sreeni is extremely creative and wields a brush and pen with equal elan. He has had painting and photography exhibitions to his credit. He contributes regulary to media in the field of education. He enjoys using technology and innovates to find simple solutions to problems around. Simplicity is his middle name and he is comfortable in almost all surroundings without any trappings of the modern living. He is a health freak, who loves swimming and gym. But, his wife's cooking is his undoing!! Perfectionist to a fault, he is quite demanding of himself and from the people close to him. He lives by high moral values without publicisng or seeking publicity for it. He is passionate about children and education. He takes active interest in promoting culture and also enjoys stoking innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among Youth, through his associations with a couple of leading national movements. Sreeni's ultimate dream is to be a contributor to nation building and this is evident in all his actions.