Our Introduction

We are Shilpi and Swapnil, true blue Mumbaikars! We got married just 6 months back after an eventful courtship of over 4 years. Swapnil is a computer science engineer from IIT Bombay and works for a start up in Mumbai while Shilpi is an MBA and is working as an associate consultant for a software company. Whereas Swapnil is an avid biker, car-enthusiast and a self-confessed techie, Shilpi loves to pursue her passion for creative writing and traveling! We have been in Powai, Mumbai for around 8 years now and are complete loyalists to our dear city. So much so that since our love blossomed in Mumbai we decided to dedicate our marriage to the city and we did convince our families to travel here for the wedding! (though both families are based in Pune). We're both connoisseurs of food made well and so a big motivation for us is also the lovely food that various signature restaurants and roadside joints offer on the way during such drives! Perhaps, the only three reasons why we are married is because of our shared passion for food, movies and travel! We dont deny any opportunity to take up these three things! :)