We are the best candidates because..

I do not think we are the best candidates. We are lousy bloggers. We have a simple Casio Exilim for a camera to take simple pictures of what we find beautiful. And for a couple who absolutely in love with the Himalayas, a 3000km drive in & around Mumbai does not sound too appealing. But cometh the hour, cometh the man (or rather in this case wo-man and man), the sheer opportunity of covering the complete western coast , riding along NH-17 all the way to Kanyakumari from Mumbai in a Mistubish Cedia, in an all expenses covered trip, with an alibi to get a 12 day leave from office, in the middle of monsoon season, I dont think there's much left to ask for! Our motto is "Is drive ke liye kuch bhi karega". So if it requires us to blog, we blog. If it comes down to learning how to use an SLR (not the rifle), we'll be trigger happy with the SLR. And if it requires us to drive without our favorite Himalayan peaks in front of us, we sure as hell will, and will do it with pleasure!