Our Introduction

I am a consultant at a non-profit organization working for the livelihoods of the poor, which roughly translated into actuality means I love life more than money! My partner, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur, albeit a strange one. He did his engineering in Computer Science, which he barely managed to clear, works in a firm which deals with hard-core mechanical engineering, which I'm sure he barely understands, and to top it all, also manages the finances of his company! Overall, we complement each other pretty well - one works for a non-profit company and the other compensates by making only profit! When we met each other for the first time at a college fest, both of us were seeing someone else. But the chemistry between us was just too hot to keep us apart for long.... and today, after 5 years of being together (1.5 of them being married!), the chemistry hasn't faded one bit. The most amazing thing about us is that we both have the same passions - to the point of it being eerie! Whether it be traveling or Delhi or cricket or exotic food or animals or SUVs, we love the same things in life! And number one on that list is road trips!