Our Travelogue

Hmm....Where do we start? From the scenic beauty of the winding road to Araku valley in AP, to the splendour of Hampi, Karnataka, the relaxing beaches of Goa to the lush green fields in Godavari basin, AP , the amazing Nilgiris, to the mighty Himalayas , we've seen it all... well... almost... except the Rajasthan and the North eastern states. In this trip we wish to capture Rajasthan in all its myriad hues like the colourful folklore, the rustic desert, the resplendent Palaces, the grandiose Forts, the friendly villagers, and last but not the least the mouthwatering cuisine of this land.. We love travelling by our ocean blue WagonR , stopping by occasionally for a chai on the highway. Our best trip together was our Bike trip from Hyderabad to Goa. We were newly married and we were both working and we got an extended weekend. We decided to go to Goa on our bike Bajaj Caliber. The funniest part is we didnt even have a map. We asked a goa bound bus driver for the route. Day one : We started in Hyd at 5.00 in the morning and took the route Hyd - Raichur - Sindhnur - Bagalkot - Belgaum - Ponda - Goa. We went about our journey stopping when tired but never really taking a break. My wife was singing songs and we were just breezing our way . It was 8.00 in the night when we reached Belgaum so we stayed there for the night and started the next day again at 5.00am.The ghat road to Goa was beautiful and we reached by noon. We enjoyed the two days in Goa and Day four : we started our journey back at 5.00 am this time taking a different route ie. Goa - Miraj- Kolhapur - Sangli - Solapur - Humnabad - Hyderabad. It was 7.00 pm by the time we reached Solapur and Hyd was 300 odd kms away. We both had to go to our offices next day so we decided to continue driving after dinner.. It was very cold in the night across the deccan plateau and we reached hyd at 3.00 am. That was my longest drive record till date , a continuous 22 hours non stop. And we were mighty thrilled with the adventure that we pulled off. Not only that, this trip brought us closer as a couple. read our other travels at http://freespirit-insideout.blogspot.com