Our Introduction

We are two people who are poles apart, wishing to embark on this great driving challenge, to drive to unexplored places, capture our moments, and bring them to you. Please take out some time to vote for us and write testimonials. Thanks in advance!!! Now, little bit about ourselves... Intersection of both the sets - Deloitte Innovation (Hyderabad)....Jitesh/Jaat/JLo...Journey till now - Rohtak (Haryana), DPS, DCE, IIMK, Deloitte Innovation, Entrepreneur....Claim to fame - developed and raced a formula car at an international competition in U.K. (first time from India)....you can see the car in our pictures section (the first pic)....Interests/Passions - Cars, bikes (anything with wheels)....Friends know him for - BESTEST friend, big letch, awesome driver, dilwala, cool as cucumber!!!........ Anannya/Psycho/Dolby....Journey till now - Namrup (Assam), K.V., MACT, IIMA, Deloitte Innovation....Claim to fame - played chess at the National level.....Interests/Passions - Dance, good food, clicking picutures.....Friends know her for - kiddo, max fun, caring, great..great friend!!!!....... Thanks to all!!!