Our Travelogue

There are so many experiences! we will quickly share a few! Lets start with traveling in Gujarat. I was doing a shoot for a travel magazine and had to travel using local buses. One of the destinations was Lothal, where the Indus Valley Civilization remains are preserved. Ironically, the bus to Lothal looked as old as the Indus Valley Civilization! Perhaps because I was carrying two cameras and had a thick layer of sunscreen, everyone thought I was a foreigner and kept trying to make small talk in English. When I would tell them i had come from Mumbai, they would end the conversation in a disappointing sigh! Like I mentioned earlier, the bungy jump at Macau was one of my craziest memories. Jumping off 62 floors wasnt as easy as it looked. After Macau I had to head to China, where the first night was spend in a spa! I stayed overnight at this 24 hours spa and it was like a dream come true. One person massaging my head, one my feet and an unlimited supply for fresh fruits! Having snakes, kangaroos, frogs and ostrich in Vietnam was quite an adventure, till i was once served horse dumplings in China (which I did not have)!! A funny incident happened a couple of years back in Germany where I had to give a photography workshop. I had to be formally dressed and so i decided to wear a kurta pajama. I wore a nice shiny yellow silk kurta with white pajamas and head to the workshop where everyone was formally dressed as well, but mostly in black whites and grey. it was quite a sight, I was like a big yellow spot in the room and everyone on the road would take notice. Since then, no shiny yellow kurtas in Europe! I have learnt to get lost a lot of times when traveling and not always follow a path. Dipna has secretly always wanted to be a travel show host!! Airports, train journeys and beaches get her extremely emotional. She has seen quite a few places in the past two years from Rishikesh, Goa, Mussoorie, Amritsar to the recent one being Kerala. Every time she come back to Bombay (yes, we both done like calling Bombay Mumbai!) I feel a little sad to unpack but it doesn’t take her long to get back to the grind. But it took her quite a while to return back to normalcy after a recent trip to Kerela In fact I think she still has withdrawal symptoms!! Its one trip which she can never forget.. the place, the greenery, the food, the people, the malayalee zoozoo hoardings, the houses, the coconut trees, pineapples you get there, everything about that place is spectacular.