We are the best candidates because..

Our travel in the last 10 years has been vastly around the southern region. Right from the treks deep into the jungles of Wayanad in Kerala to the never ending coastlines of Uttar Karnataka. The chill breeze of Coorg during monsoon and the numerous water fronts across the Nilgiris have all the more increased our need to see more. How many of you see a house sparrow and think, "when was the last time i heard the birds chirp"? Not many right.... we do that so very often. And to filter all the chaos and noise from the cities, we travel... to hear more... to see more... and to disconnect from the virtual surroundings around just to live free. Places like Kalhatty, deeply set in the jungles around Ooty, enthrall you with treks that will keep your lungs fresh for quite a while. The full moon rising over the east cost around Pondy sets a series of sparkles on the waves that make you to want more. The rocky approach to Kanyakumari makes you see the sun rise and set from the same spot. Photography is a growing passion and our interest to travel has given me an opportunity to hone my skills in a better way. We both love to take pictures and remember the vivid landscapes, tiny bugs on a leaf in the forest and many more magical experiences. The word Photography means to "write with light" and thats what makes us different, we try to paint the picture we want in our minds and then try to replicate it with nature. We have seen most of many more things together and thats the reason why we are the best candidates for this wonderful challenge.