We are the best candidates because..

We are the best candidates since we are an exciting combination of a fitness professional and an automobile enthusiast, out to have an experiential adventure. The Mitsubishi Cedia challenge appeared like a bolt from the blue! Here was a car setting the tracks afire on all WRC circuits, as good as one could get. And there is this exciting driving event with lots of fun…..fame…fortune! This is almost akin to the blood, toil, tears during the English conquests! Bopanna was all ears and eyes! God, what else could any enthusiast ask for? The only missing link was a lady co-driver! Vikram Bopanna promptly went online and blogged, to get a like-minded lady to partner him for the event. Simultaneously, Joshine Antony who had seen the advertisement was equally keen on participating in the event! She got in touch with her acquaintances at Red Rooster Racing who patched up the couple together! Such was the excitement when the challenge was announced!! This versatile combination could only be as potent as a Cedia which can handle the vagaries of rough roads in the comfort of a sedan!