Our Introduction

Manali Leh Highway, 15th June 2007, after having driven for about 12hrs we stopped our Scorpio, mesmerised by a surreal world orchrested by the wind, the temperature a few degrees below zero.......... Barlachala at 16000 feet one of the Loftiest, trickiest and most scenic mountain passes in the world. This trip was our longest drive yet…Delhi to Leh and return covering almost 2000km...a dream come true, For us it was about reaching another level of a journey that began humbly on a Kinetic Honda from Bangalore to Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu 17years ago.... Whether it is about driving through some of the highest mountain passes or filming wild tigers within breathable distance or trekking to a glacier… to us it is the very essence of life and great lessons in living... Eco-travellers and eco- warriors, my husband Mansij and I are from Gurgaon. He is a Techie while I facilitate personal effectiveness programs. He photographs, I write. He is more grounded while I love to dwell in the world of Narnia. We have our own consulting company modelled on our ideology and spirit of adventure. Proud Parents of two sons, Abhiroop (teenager, homo-sapien) and Simba (8 yrs, German Shephard).