Our Travel Plan

India...the mesmerising land......a country that despite the nuclear treaty, multinationals, laptop carrying geeks, metro rails, expressways, shopping malls,multiplexes and cellphone generation... still carries a unique aura of mystic...to the rest of the world...the land of myths and legends...of the first known civilisation. Our plan is to showcase the mystic india blending in the 21st century and the "unity in diversity" by driving through 3-4 states, each with it's uniquely rich features and heritage. We have worked on two options...and will finally decide on one of them... Option 1: Mumbai - Indore - Chittorgarh - Ajmer - Nagaur - Jodhpur - Uaipur - Ahmedabad - Daman - Mumbai. Option 2: Mumbai - Indore - Shivpuri - Agra - Jaipur - Chittorgarh - Udaipur - Ahmedabad - Daman - Mumbai This is a broad itinerary. But it is not in our nature to just follow a straight road, because driving is to discover and enjoyis not just about driving only. Therefore along the way, we intend to discover, at times taking a small detour, the soul of these places, little known hamlets, many not featuring on standard maps. That is the plan in our endeavor to discover India..