Our Introduction

Have Road… Will Drive!!! It started like that since I got a car and you’re gonna have to pry my fingers off the steering wheel to make it stop! Apart from being a habitual highway addict, I love traveling to places to experience their history and culture. I love being on the road; and even if it’s just a long drive on a lonely night I’m sure there’ll be stories to tell once I’m back! Heck, most of the interesting people I know are travelers! Which is probably why my partner in this challenge is a girl I have known for 10 years and through thousands of kms! We have traveled through hills and valleys and beaches and fog and heat and storm and rain and traffic! It’s been amazing! We’ve both been blessed with the opportunity to travel since we were born – our fathers’ were in the Army and the undying spirit of adventure running through our veins (and drama too :P) has been with us since we could say “road”! I am a 22 year old Software Engineer working at Gurgaon and Leela Muthana is a Business Advisory consultant, working in Bangalore. Our jobs are just a way of balancing our otherwise gypsy-like lives! I am a history enthusiast and look for it in every corner I set foot on. Leela is an animal lover and has an interest in the different customs or cultures we come across in our maddening odysseys. This is gonna be one heck of a road trip… just vote for us and you’ll see it on our blog! :D