Our Travelogue

Trips Danish and Leela have taken together (in 3rd person) : Bangalore- Hampi-Chikamaglur-Bangalore (2nd July 2009-6th July 2009) - This was a self driven road trip. Hampi was a destination that was on their lists for quite a while and they had to get Danish specially flown in from Delhi for this ;D! But he made it and they drove off one early thursday morning! They had done a trip from Bangalore to New Delhi (6th Feb 2009- 20th Feb 2009) - Again, this was a self driven road trip. Since Danish had taken a transfer to Gurgaon they drove his car back to Delhi from Bangalore over a period of 14 days - sightseeing along the way. Their stops were Goa, Bombay, Ajanta, Ellora, Aurangabad, Daman, Bharuch, Surat, Dandi, Chamapaner, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur...! They updated a live blog and a map throughout the course of our 3370 Kms journey! Before that journey, they went from Bangalore to Coorg (1st Jan 2009 - 3rd Jan 2009) - Another self driven road trip. Last year they went from Bangalore to Wayanad (December 2008) - This road trip was awesome! Wayanad is beautiful! Their next trip was from Bangalore to Pondicherry (November 2008) - They took a bus and hired bikes there. Leela loved Auroville although Danish had a different opinion!!! Their craziest trip by far - The Mad Trip (March 2008) - One their most memorable trips from Bangalore was the "Mad Trip". After an early morning trek at Savandruga, they spent the entire day just following signboards - and clocked a whopping 422 Kms aimlessly wandering on the highways :) Their most unplanned and spontaneous trips was from Bangalore to Goa ( Jan 2008) - They spoke to a friend who told them that he was going to Goa to meet some friends. They had a 3 step plan after that. Step 1 - Leave office and pack. Step 2 - Hop onto earliest bus and leave for goa. Step 3 - Surprise friend and crash his party!! Following are some trips that Danish has been on alone : I have travelled extensively across India and abroad. My self-driven road trips began, only a few years ago - (You get a license at 18 ;)). New Delhi-Ambala-Chandigarh (October 2008) - Self Driven Road Trip. New Delhi-Alwar (October 2008) - Self Driven Road Trip. New Delhi- London-Paris (June 2008) - Air :). Bangalore-Kavalur-Gauirbadnur ( June 2007) – Bus. Bangalore-Calcutta ( June 2007) – Air. New Delhi-Manali (April 2007) – Bus. New Delhi-Bangalore-Manipal-Udipi-Hassan-Bangalore-Munnar-Bangalore-New Delhi (Jan 2007) - Air/Bus/Car/Train. New Delhi-Shimla-Dharamasala-Solan (March 2006)- Bus. New Delhi-Haridwar-Rishikesh-Dehradun-Mussourie-Uttarkashi (June 2002) Road trip. New Delhi-Nanital-Ranikhet (June 2001) - Army Adventure camp ( Train/Bus). New Delhi-Jaipur (Dec 2000) Road Trip. New Delhi-Shimla ( July 1999) Train. Moscow-Tula-Star City ( July 1997) Road Trip. Moscow-St Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow ( Sept 1995) - Road Trip. Following are some trips that Leela has been on alone : There is a vast difference in 'traveling' to a place and 'living' in that place... and Danish and I have been lucky enough to have done both (be chance AND by choice)!! :). In 2000 - Agra, Jaipur. In 2001 - Srinagar, Patnitop. In 2002 - Leh, Ladakh, Jammu. In 2004 – Vellore. In 2006 – Ooty. In 2007 - Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad. In 2008 - All trips with Danish - mentioned above! :D. In 2009 - Ghana (Africa) and Mahabalipuram.