Our Introduction

My name is Gurcharan and my better half, Silindar who's 'charan' I had to literally massage and fall on to accompany me on this trip. My wife's a Professor. As much as she hates the sight of a half-filled class of students, I'm sure they'll be happy to not have their Professor in class. It's been a while since the two of us did something of this sort. Earlier, on my Yamaha RD-350 we rode for miles every quarter! (That is before we had our 6 ear old angel child (as others call him, but devil from my eyes..lol) I chat out Geospatial and CAD Engineering drawings..and althought most of my day goes into outlining maps and contours..somehow gazing at those very maps..my work hours are spent reminiscing my 'jawaani' days of adventure, fun and frolic.