We are the best candidates because..

We are a family madly in love with road journeys and exploring the unknown, we derive great thrill in discovering unexplored – be it on the road or off it, be it eateries or theatre, mountains or forests, rivers or ocean. Fearless to start on for long distance travel without worrying if we will be able to get a place to stay overnight or at the intended destination and quite willing to take things as they come and change course if we are not satisfied with a place or hotel and move on to explore something else till we get to a place we like and believe in. But before every journey, we decide where we would like to be by evening and ensure we chart out the journey to make the destination at the designated time. Once an avid driver even at night, I cut the night driving completely out of our travel schedule to ensure we enjoy every bit of the road journey, scenic beauty, spot the craziest and most enduring visual experiences and capture the same in our Nikon SLR camera or in the camcorder. While we have enormous experience to have gone through the unknown, every new journey still gives us the child like thrill of the unknown before, during and after we complete a journey. It is this joy that we derive as we egg on and cajole friends and family to undertake road journeys. Since most of our road journeys are together as family, we believe in safety first while driving (we were probably the first few to put on our seat belts, years before the traffic cops forced others to) and we are passionate about our road trips. And tell you what, once we return from our journey, we will fill you in on not just the craziest hair-pin bends but also the best eateries en route; we have a knack of discovering the tastiest, finger-licking and the value-for-money restaurants and budget hotels of the varied kind on our drives.