Our Introduction

I, Mrinalini, hope to be joining my father, Hemant Tiwari, on another of those long (suffixed with distance, not drawn) road journeys that we embark on at least twice every year. I can say I have seen it all – from a Premier Padmini, to a Maruti 800, an Opel Astra and now to a Ford Endeavour. I can hardly wait to start off with my dad behind the wheels of the impressive Mitsubishi Cedia. My father is a veteran IT professional and has driven extensively, especially with my mother, for the last 33 years on various terrain -- the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim, Uttarachal & Himanchal Pradesh, Vindhya and satpura ranges to Nilgiris not to miss the most beautiful Western Ghats during mansoons, the length and breadth of India and the coastlins of east, west & south, and the contrastingly disciplined streets of Malaysia,Singapore, Australia, parts of Europe and US.The only states that we have not driven on is Arunachal, Tripura & Nagaland, J&K.and the desert of Rajasthan (even though he has driven on the deserts of Gulf). In fact, for the last decade or so, either our Astra or the Endeavour has been the main mode of transport when we travel. We as a family are always ready to take to the road at the drop of a hat. On numerous occasions, we’ve even camped the night in our car while driving from Mumbai to Ooty where we three siblings studied. Now, over to me-- I am proud to be associated with the tinsel town. I am an actor and have been an assistant director. I also paint and sculpt, in spare time. As a child I’ve been exposed to a lot of traveling all over India with my parents. My dad is extremely passionate about driving and something that I’ve inherited too. With us, the daughter-father duo, you can expect the level-headed side of experience and the daredevil side of youth!