Our Introduction

Sandhan and Janice go together like peanut butter and jelly. They belong to the generation that cherishes the world that they live in. He's been across Europe and the America's; She's covered Asia and Australia; They converged on the adventure trip of their lives - in Cape Town, South Africa! Sandhan is an entrepreneur. He started an NGO called S.H.A.R.E. (Save Human & Animal Rights & the Environment), for the welfare of humans, animals and the environment to spread awareness on pressing issues like global warming, environmental conservation, promotion of education, etc. He loves to travel and is also an experienced Martial Artist. Janice is a corporate consultant and an adventure specialist. She has consulted firms in Marketing and Branding and also offers corporate training to companies across India and abroad. She actively offers facilitation in adventure sports programs and is a fitness expert. Janice also actively blogs and reviews travel destinations, hotels and restaurants. Both of us have traveled extensively across India and abroad covering (cumulatively) around 12 countries and over 120 cites. Our passion to explore, both, cultures and cuisines across the world and to experience life to its fullest extent has driven us to take up occupations that do not confine us to a mundane existence in a cubicle. We shortly plan to host a travel show together and hope to realize this dream in the near future.