Our Travelogue

One of our most cherished moments together involves a cold, windy morning at Cape Point, South Africa. Both of us were eagerly waiting to experience the natural beauty and calm of Cape Point just before dawn. We stood on the beach, staring out at the turbulent convergence of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. As the sun started to rise, we saw a herd of Springboks trot along a very short distance behind us, heading towards the grazing grounds, led by the alpha male. He was a majestic creature with long antlers and a powerful body. He suddenly stopped (and so did the rest of the herd) and all of them paused to look at us for what seemed to be an eternity. As our eyes met, a strange, surreal energy engulfed both Janice and I. All of a sudden, the connection was broken and the herd disappeared in the mist. This was, by far, the most beautiful and profound experience that we've both shared together, so far. Another cherished memory of an interesting experience took place in India.