Our Introduction

We are Chiradip and Jayita. We both met at our job and planned to get married. Since our marriage we had led a bohemian lifestyle and there was no end to our journey from one place to another. We share similar interests like travelling, music and photography. A new dynamism is bought to our life by the birth of our sweet and loving son named Aaron; another travel lover in the make who hates home stay. True to our passion - we use gears like a fast car, an SLR with variety of lenses, a 4-seat boat, hunting torch, head lamp, tent, barbeque, sleeping bags, travel books, maps and other camping gears. We are also food lovers and big fan of european dishes - especially barbeque fanatic. We have done enough visits to dumb and crowded monuments, beaches and other hotspots and honestly do not like these very much compared to the beauty, charm and proximity to the nature in wildlife tours and on the long highway that gives a feeling of endless journey - we always feel "life is a journey" and "The journey is the reward"; destination does not matter much. In this view we will take off aiming to meet people who are close to the nature or close to the reality, far from urban poison. We are planning to do a sort of travel-people-wildlife journalism on the way, in the form of still, movie and write ups - may be a short documentary film too. If we really make this driving we will dedicate this to a discrimination free world - a dream future.