We are the best candidates because..

To begin with, we would rate ourselves as “one of the best” and then vie with our fellow competitors for the title of the “Best ”. Having said that, we are quite confident of our driving skills and prowess and we have enough fire in our bellies to give the toughest competition to all the participants. Couple this with our astute eye for photography as well as our wild and creative imagination and one could say that we have a winning combination on hand. Although, we are neither circuit drivers nor professionally qualified photographers, our life experiences have taught us much more than this and we’re sure of putting together our talent, knowledge and persistence in achieving our goals. For instance, on our recent road trip from Hyderabad to Pune, when we were driving an Indica, we safely and smoothly overtook cars ranging from a Mercedes to a Skoda to a Maruti and reached our destination in record time. While we do agree that a super-efficient, power-packed vehicle is an added advantage, we firmly believe that it is the temperament, judgment and manoeuvring abilities of the person sitting behind the wheel that eventually helps one become a winner. Also, sharing a common passion for driving has helped us fine-tune and clearly understand each other’s driving aptitude, decision-making abilities and speed capacities. Finally, based on the feedback and appreciation that we have been receiving on our photography skills, we are very excited to participate in this contest as it will give us an opportunity to showcase our talent as well as measure ourselves against the other participants. We are planning to buy a professional camera in order to enhance the snaps and try and capture more imaginative and “out-of-the-box”, high shutter-speed pictures. We look forward to everyone’s support and blessings in our endeavour and promise to do our best and reach the finishing line as “the Best.”