We are the best candidates because..

We can't think of it in terms of being the best candidates, instead we would say this is the best opportunity for us to make our dreams come true. THE DREAM!! We had always dreamt of going for a road trip for our honeymoon,all the way from New delhi to Kerala, meet our grandparents and back to Delhi. The whole idea of 'just going' for a honeymoon was such a waste of time, for goodness sakes we have all our lives to make it a honeymoon. What'll be needed would be something that we would cherish for the rest of our lives. Anyhow, on our drive back from one of our crazy trips in Jaipur it just clicked......." Lets go on a ROAD TRIP for our Honeymoon ",the moment Justus' right brian came up with an innovation at it's best, and his left one started looking for logical reasoning behind the whole idea... - " We've done it before.......Lets do it BIG this time ! " BEST OPPORTUNITY By now you would have figured out why is it the best opportunity for us- Hold your horses! Not just that you give us a chance to make our dream 'honeymoon' come true, but also the sheer pleasure of driving a monster - MITSUBISHI CEDIA 'SPORTS' all across the country. BEST CANDIDATE 'We are the best candidates because we are absolutely adventurous, daring and have a very zestful attitude towards life. Plus we surely love to align ourselves with lively challenges which we would recall for a lifetime." P.S: And yeah ! We could always write sometime like this with due respect to our experiences and our want for amazing expeditions like these... Thank you..