Our Travel Plan

Our Plan For the Driving Challenge goes like this - We initiate our route from Mumbai via NH 4 to Khandala and from there on to Pune (150 Kms), Pune Via Karad (153 Kms) to Chandoli National Park and there on to Ratangiri (180 Kms). From Ratanagiri we propagate to NH 17 to Madgaon, Goa (263 Kms), we then drive on to Ankola (90 Kms). Further on from Ankola to Bhatkal (97 Kms). From Bhatkal we drive further on to Managlore by NH 17 (118 Kms), there onwards to Kozhikode, Kerala (235 Kms). We then trail further to OOty by State Highway 24 (156 Kms). From OOty we drive further to Coimbatore via NH 67 (73 Kms), to Yercaud by NH 47 covering 170 Kms. We route ourselves to Pondicherry by NH 68 (215 Kms), then on to Chennai taking the East Cost Road (ECR). Now we drive to Bangalore via Vellore by NH 7 (349 Kms), then to Hyderabad via Anantapur taking NH 7 (570 Kms). Then we trail back our journey to Mumbai from Hyderabad to Sholapur via NH9 (310 Kms). From Sholapur we get to Pune via Ujani Dam by NH9 (247 Kms). Finally we reach Mumbai by Eastern Express Highway from Pune covering 150 Kms. Thats our travelplan, from Mumbai - 3000 Kms - back in Mumbai !