Our Travelogue

We have had immense traveling experiences starting from the city drives and ending as far as Cochin. Life has been good to the travel theories that we have confronted till date by all these different state style driving, night drives plus hovering the hair pins on the hill stations and ranges. Starting from Delhi, we have been trained to move with heavy lanes, vehicles brushing close yet when we went on to highways in Jaipur the experience was magical to have strained vision but a light and open lane journey. Nainital gave us the pleasure in knowing hill driving, which freaked us but as it went on, we learnt the best from it. Manali was a follow up with the Nainital challenge. The biggest one made by us was the magical yet tiring yet the most enjoyable trip to Cochin from Delhi. Crossing Goa, where we transited on our trip, driving through the marshy and messy routes. Enjoying the borders around Mangalore was another terrfic rendezvous. We took 5 days to enter Cochin, with a 2 night transit in Goa as written. We had fun, freaked out, fought but all the more, we had the most most amazing experiences of our lives. So, we would love to make our every trip and any trip fulfilling and satisfactory.