We are the best candidates because..

Our honeymoon came one year later – an unforgettable trip on the famous Yezdi- Coimbatore – Bangalore – Goa – Andhra – Madras (for the Grand Prix) – Coimbatore – real round trip. I was forbidden to shop !!! Whether to chilly Ooty, the Queen of Hills in December for a bonfire n sing song or the coffee plantations in Gudalur with cascading waterfalls peeping out like winking eyes, our trusty steed took us everywhere. Up hill and down dale – to the nudist beaches in Goa and the gurgling brooks in Kurumba and Coonoor. We then graduated to 4 wheelers and the impetus only grew in leaps and bounds – even a baby did not deter us- Yercaud, Salem, Keti, Kodaicanal, Mangalore, Bangalore, Topslip or Coorg. The beautiful resorts and boat-houses dotting the backwaters of Kerala were like powerful magnets, too strong to ignore. The hills of Munaar, breathtakingly carpeted with tea plantations as far as the eye can behold, were a sight for sore eyes and a balm for the soul. Our hectic work-a-days, or rather work-a-years, begged for breaks and my roady hubby only needed the slightest excuse to get behind the wheel and off went. Be it a business trip, a pilgrimage, vacation, wedding, family reunion or even a funeral – only one mode of transport – our car of the moment.