Our Introduction

Married in 1981 – I didn’t know if my husband Vekatesh was more in love with me or his shiny maroon Yezdi, which went everywhere we did, or vice-versa. Through the years of wedded bliss, we worked together as a team and apart, in various businesses, Venkatesh, chiefly at heading automobile dealerships and I, Marilyn, at my boutique from which I subsequently luxuriated into being Queen of my Castle! Twenty eight years have not dimmed our love for travel by road- the longer the road, the livelier our conversation. We have driven in convoys with friends and family, but always together, through this never-ending path of discovery of quaint places, life styles, food, houses and mostly of each other. If we could go this long with gusto- we definitely can outrun the rest!!! What say U !?!