Our Introduction

Krish & Megs working for Accenture in Mumbai. Krish (For Megs): A passionate person who loves to drive and cars are his passtime. * Loves to joke* Suave and caring* Braveand fearless * Firm and has leadership qualities* Takes high pride of oneself * Thirsty for praises* Extraordinary spirit* Observant* Careful and cautious* Thinks quickly* Independent thoughts* Loves to lead and to be led* Loves to make friends Megs (For Krish): A calm stable lady, loves to travel and trek. Planning for Ladakh in September. * Ambitious and serious* Loves to teach and be taught* Hardworking and productive* Smart, neat and organized *Sensitive and has deep thoughts* Knows how to make others happy * Quiet unless excited or tensed* Rather reserved* Highly attentive * Romantic but has difficulties expressing love * Loves children * Homely person* Easily jealous* On her wish list is trek to ladakh. Visit Manas Sarovar & Masai Mara jungle