We are the best candidates because..

To reach to the conclusion let us begin with ..... We have done various excursions; being adventure lovers we have experienced the thrills of river rafting in the gushing white waters, besides this have done camping on the beaches of alluring River Ganges. In addition to this recently we went further on nature hunt to the Hemkund and Valley of flowers – A world heritage site in the Himalayas where we fell in love with its flora fauna and countless water falls. Narinder loves to drive and on road has covered distances of over 3500 kms. He has travelled across from Ahmedabad to Amritsar on a Maruti 800, Apart from this many times to Jaipur, Udaipur, Nanded, Bidar down South etc. and also have been part of a Rann of Kutchh drive where there are no roads to follow…. Having tasted various adventure tourism rides, we believe that there is yet more …. Hence is out to see you in another challenging ride … life is a journey hence keep going to new destinations to find one... the nature is always on move, be it seasons, earth, sun, moon clouds etc so why should we restrict ourselves to one place ... go on exlpore, meet, eat learn N NJOY!!!! W e believe that with the Muscle strength and captivating lens of Narinder along with the creative Communication skills of Kulveen we can be a lethal combination for the Great Driving Challenge of Mitsubishi Cedia to have a die hard fan following…. SO Come and we shall pave a new way to inscribe - Mitsubishi Cedia History.