Our Travelogue

We have extensively travelled by road in India. Travelling by road is like an open book that offers you a lot to learn, about people, geographies, food, culture habits etc which one can capture and with our natural and artificial lens (eyes and the camera ) give a new perspective. We have also shared our inputs with holidayiq.com wherein one of our experiences has been awarded too. In our recent trip – The Divine Journey to Hemkund, Valley of Flowers, Badrinath and Auli; one can witness pure amalgamation of all the elements of nature; the magnificent peaks kissing the skies, the lofty trees hugging the clouds, the river dwindling and dancing much beneath the gigantic peaks. The best lesson from nature one gets to learn is Total Harmony that is the key to beauty and bliss. Experiencing natures bliss with no bookings and no previous plans we drove across these regions and back upto Delhi. Earlier to this we have also taken a holy dip in the Ganges with a gushing experience, White water River rafting and camping. The serene beauty of the white beaches gives your life a new dimension altogether. The camps on the bank of Ganges in Rishikesh which is a busy tourist destination and the base for religious tours takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our Royal Rajputana experience includes completing the Rajasthan circuit i.e, Udaipur, Chittorgarh-Ajmer-Jaipur -Delhi where we have stayed in the old Havelis and witnessed the ancient heritage, art, culture, dance in places like Baghor ki Haveli in Udaipur, Crystal Palace that holds the most elegant and pricey collection of one of the Rajput rulers. We Indians without a temple visit are incomplete, culture is in our blood, and hence with a lot of zest and zeal we have added to our experience a road trip from Ahmadabad – Amritsar - Ahmadabad (3000 +km) in a Maruti 800 in the year 2000 when the definition of express highways could not be expressed by all. The first sight of The Golden Temple in Amritsar leaves you Awestruck, after purifying ourselves one cannot resist the lip smacking Tandoori delights served in the Dhabas around the temples. To insert another page in our travelogue we have also taken a road journey to Ahmadabad – Nanded – Ahmadabad. To add to the assortment - the main source of energy - Goddess Shakti – Devi is what we refer is predominantly in Devlok (Himalayas) hence visiting the various forms of Shakti whether in form of Kali, Jwala or Chintpurni, Jayanti in Himachal is yet another world. The above are few pages the natures bounty that we have been endowed upon with, we yet look forward this penning down lots more to of experience can make it mightier….