We are the best candidates because..

jungles, hills, beaches, temples, churches, north, south, west, boats and cars, planes and trains - we've done it all in the last ten years or so. we started out together on the life's journey with a promise to each other to discover one state of india every year. within time and life's constraints havent done badly by the last 10 years. Lots of pictures, and lots more memories of places remembered and pictures lost, we think we deserve to go on this journey simply for the love of travel that leaves with us after every trip a portfolio of pictures full of sunrises, sunsets, quirks of the place, buildings and hills, animals and grasses – and without exception very very few pictures of us. we drive well, we write well, we work together perfectly as a team. we're hardy, adaptive, willing to take the chances and most importantly dying to explore the unexplored parts of india