Our Introduction

Punjabi gusto meets Tam Brahm wit is how you could define us. I am this Punjabi kudi brought up in the nafasat of Lucknow (anachronism? Nah! the lustiness of always aaho ji and the warmth and the hospitality of the punjabi tradition agrees quite well with the lucknawi mehman - nawazi and culture) and Rajesh of course is equally hard to define. The Coimbatore boy (errr yes boy… ) who has spent 30 out of 38 years of his life in Delhi or the Dilliwala who loves fast cars as much as he loves his Rasam and the Nilgiri hills…but you do get the picture – right? This multi cultural marriage of Coimbatore meets Lucknow meets Ludhiana found us in Delhi some 11 years back. What sealed it for us was the shared passions and the values. Food for all and dignity of life for all are two areas we are passionate about and hope to be able to do something for the ideas we have for creating food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless . Both vegetarians, wordsmiths, sometimes photographers and all time travelers – we’re ever ready for the blind turns and the unexpected in life’s journey. The proof of the pudding of course is in the genes. Our two children miss the car journeys – largely 5/6/700 km a day kind of journeys out of Delhi – if we don’t venture out for one every six months or so. And Oh Rajesh is this marketing/strategic planning consultant who works for himself and helps small businesses create brands and I am a branding/planning expert in a small specialist team within the Times Group. So both of us work and both of us dream of the vagabond life and live it in bits and pieces – time and life permitting.