Our Introduction

"Moksh and I dont know each other. " We met a month back at a Tweetup organized by Moksh and have hit it off instantly. I really dont remember who was more impressed with who (though I know it has to be him) but WE WERE IMPRESSED. One could also contribute this chemistry to the fact that we live close enough to land up for breakfast to each other's place ( eh , he hasnt been to mine yet). We are in a steady relationship with the social aspect of the internet for a couple of years now and our love affair often spills over beyond the WWW. Paro calls herself the less adventerous of the two and holds a boring day job of an HR Manager in a BIG diversified indian private company ( yeah I guess that was a good hint ) which Moksh is the free spirit, the "Social Media Catalyst" , the entrepreneur. Moksh is funny, witty and sometime one dont even understand his jokes but I laugh with him, anyway. He knows what women wants, but seldom delivers (that is so cheesy !). But I know for a fact i love the way he writes on his blog. - Paro Paro (i dont even know how to spell her name at one go) is finicky and picky and loves clicking photograph about flowers, people (portraits),places. She specially loves wasting away her insomnic night clicking macros ( not the excel kind) and abstracts ( so she can call them ART..HAH!!!) -Moksh