We are the best candidates because..

We are the best for driving.I can say this with confidence coz a driver not only should enjoy driving but should have a strong passion for it. At the same time he should have civic sense of driving.Be it with maintaining the lane in high ways be it while driving in think forest where animals do corss roads or ushering other vehicles to the best of your knowledge.Follow the rule of "U live and let others also live peacefully". We have driven on swampy slippery estate roads in Coorg, to hairpin curves of Coimbature, Yercad ,Ooty. We have driven the muddy roads of Karawar, Sagara and Shimoga. We have driven ECR road from Chennai to Pondichery on NH7 to Kodai and NH47 to Thrissur to name few. I have driven vehicals from Mahindra, Maruti and Ford. I have been driving from 12 yrs now.We enjoy whereever we drive.This "Great Driving Challenge" will be good experience for us to cherish.