Our Travelogue

I've had the opportunity to see some of the most incredible places in India from trekking the breath taking lower Himalayas in the North to the diving the vibrant depths of the Lakshadweep Islands 400kms off the Southern most state of the country. Whether it's walking through the palaces of Mysore, exploring the prison at Port Blair where our freedom fighters were held or starting speechless at the Taj Mahal, every travel experience has been nothing short of magical in its own way. I also had the opportunity to travel abroad in my earlier days through a few cities in Europe, Egypt in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia and been excited about any prospect to travel since childhood. Yuliya has traveled across Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe through equally fascinating places. The first travel adventure we had together was right between our two countries in Turkey. The journey started in Istanbul the vibrant metropolis where Europe quite literally meets Asia and modern buildings are mixed with historic monuments, palaces and mosques from the golden era. The rich culture, colorful bazaars, scrumptious cuisine all add to this amazing city. We then took a road trip almost two thousand kilometers down this vast country to the Mediterranean riviera city of Antalya which was a complete contrast. An absolutely charming city sitting on the bluest of waters, Antalya has everything one can dream of in one region. From scores of stunning beaches, shopping and night life, culture, food to some of the most precious historic sites that still stand in this world. From Roman empire amphitheaters to Greek ruins, this is where every culture from history crossed paths and the evidence is still there for all to see. Despite being there for two weeks and loving every second of it you feel there is so much you've still missed out on. We know for sure we would like to go back there someday.