We are the best candidates because..

...of our flair for driving! We don't believe in just rushing towards our destination but we do so while relishing the pleasures that the journey offers and exploring the changes that we encounter on our way. Since we both love traveling and driving is our passion, we prefer the Road than any other mode of travel. (You see why Preeti gets air-sick is because her entire biological system is just so well adjusted to driving that it resists other modes of travel in it's own way). Sorry, jokes apart, we both would love to take this great opportunity to explore different places and people while driving the Cedia and experience whatsoever adventures come our way. We have till date participated in Maruti Suzuki Car rally, and Rally by Rashi Entertainment. And not to forget excellent music makes driving even more pleasurable and gives an instant kick ;-) And that's like having another gear actually!!! Try us to see for yourself!