Our Introduction

....We have a million wishes, each one worthy to die for; We have lived thousands of them, But many still stare us in the eye.... We are the couple that truly represent the coming together of perfect opposites. Meet Preeti- the flamboyant, dynamic, super-charged-girl-next-door whose mantra in life is to make others around her smile (And mind you Preeti is very good at it too)! And meet Sameer- Mr. Serious and a perfectionist to the core, his philosophy in life being -‘live and let live’! Professionally we both chose Construction Management as our forte (after B. Arch). We are working in Jones Lang La'Salle Meghraj. Married for more than 2 years now, our journey has been quite a roller coaster, as unpredictable as it could be and hitchhiking on a mentor-trainee association to becoming love-birds who flew totally apart yet became so fond of each other.