Our Travelogue

As they say a dying person's entire life flashes past in front of his in fraction of seconds. I am feeling the same way right now, with the TGDC campaign coming to an end in few hours. I am asking myself, did I do justice to the travelouge? I answer clearly is no because I can never have the time to write down my entire drive experience, leave alone the travel experiences. It is sad though, but I still do not have any regrets. I tried doing my best, from getting my husband agree to participate in this chance of a lifetime, to creating a blog, to starting twitting, to getting familiar with facebooks (I still prefer face reading though), and what not. But I see competition in form of professional bloggers and all. So it seems my best wasn't good enough for that sort of platform. Never mind, no matter whoever is chosen, I assure you there can not be a better driver than I. .......For us, the major chunk of experience in any travel has been the Driving Experience. We believe people who love to drive, who love the thrills of Indian highways and who love exploring different places can only dare to get their vehicle out for long routes. And we are 2 such people. And we have never been out of the country. Can you believe it? So what about our travel experiences? There are lots to say the least! To name a few place we have been to- Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainitaal, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Mahabaleshwar, Lonawala , Khandala, Hyderabad, Mysore, Bangalore, Alibaag, Chattisgarh, Kerala, Jaipur, Agra, Khatu, Jammu... And our experiences lie in the excitement to move, to enjoy the pleasures of journey, to admire scenic beauty of India, to hold our breath to variety that our land offers and to be on-the-go whenever we can! Our experience lies in exploring beauties of different places in different shades..and it lies in my heart and my heart will go on...Love All :-)