Our Travelogue

We are new-bies and have not travelled a lot but we just last month we made a trip to Dharamshala. It was a random choose and the best part of the trip was that nothing was planned. We lived each day as it came and decided to go just where we felt like and this is how we could explore it the best. ‘Bohemian land’ is what I termed the place, for you could find lost people everywhere some looking for peace and some for madness….everything about the place was quite an experience… We could hear a live jam going on next to our PG… at times, we heard sounds of flute coming from nowhere…best part was talking to crazy strangers like a frustrated german sarangi player, he called himself BERNANDO MISHRA (he has adopted his guru’s name to pay him tribute), a 24 years old Canadian chick who hated her native land for it is ‘so ferociously clean’…( She was helping a community collect garbage dump in the town) , an NRI who was selling his hand-made jewellery on road (some with original designs) or and a music student from Nepal who came here 7 years back and never went back….colorful, creative, soulful and crazy Mcleodganj it was…..with some good music…it’s the kind of place where you can even find something like a 4-seated restaurant playing Bob-Dylan (something you can’t find in Delhi or Bombay)… Bottom-line is: People there do just precisely what they want..…straight from heart! That’s not about it….Fresh vegetables in morning, unbelievable variety of juices, cheap beer in the evening….all of this with terrace view and no-one bothering you.. ‘Shangri-la’!!! But it was not only the crazy Mcleodganj, last day of the trip, we went up the hill to Bhakshunath, home to number of Isrealis…A quiet, very quiet place with some cafes where Russians, Germans and Israelis , English and some Americans hang around to mix-up with each other. Young Tibetan hippies have also made the town a very happening place..They were holding a music concert which we had to miss as we were leaving a day prior to it… It’s small town which is so complete in itself…it offers you peace, tranquility, craziness, nature, art, music, spiritual growth.. …a sense of your identity…..if you want to live life for some days….Dharamshala is worth visiting and if you love life too much, you might just end up making your second home! Damn..I wanna go back to the place soon!