We are the best candidates because..

We form a great team not only in household chores but also as best friends and well...co-workers..well only when we are driving..we switch between being navigator and driver..thats how we are co workers :)) !! We challenge each other's role to bring out the best in ourselves! navigator challenges about directions with his/her best knowledge and driver with his/her driving skills...especially during rains!! We love what our country offers us..we want to discover it more...yeh dil mange more :)) isnt it? We are extremely fond of each other's company and enjoy it thoroughly..be it our walks on the beach or our ascent on the mountains or hills...Thats more important than anything else...our passions follow us anyways! We both love travelling and adventure...we have travelled across the country right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (literally)...But not together all the while...This is our chance to do it..atleast partially :)) !!