Our Travelogue

We love maharashtrian fort culture and have trekked and travelled to many of the forts. We love beaches and mountains equally..and cant be biased about what we enjoy more..so our obvious choices have been himalayas and beaches of konkan, Goa and Kerala...We have been extensive travellers...both individually and together...having travelled from Kashmir, Rajastan, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Gujrat, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.. India never fails to suprise us..Be it, its history, geography or demography! Its unfolds its mystery with each trip...we love this fact :) We have age by our side and would love to cover most of the country...so that we have original stories for our kids :)) !! Thanks to my work...I not only got a chance to visit UK, USA, Belgium and Canada...but also got a chance to explore these countries during my free time... Together we have travelled to Thailand and did the most adventures things there...from staying on the 63rd floor of a well known hotel in thailand to para sailing in pataya... our trips have always been the most wonderful bundle of memories!