Our Travelogue

Rachit: With me, being into racing, I travel to Coimbatore, I have travelled to Coimbatore quiet a few number of times. Initially, I wasn't too keen to visit South India, but now I have fallen in love with Coimbatore, specially the Kari track and amazing climate and winds which keep on blowing keeping the track temperature low, and in rains the wind is more pleasant and greener and cleaner. I travel to Coimbatore through air, and I have always dreamt to travel through road and finally, the time has come and Mitsubishi has set the platform for enthusiasts like us, and we won't let them down.This is just my about my travel plan to Coimbatore. I have been travelling to the Northern part of the country, specially Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal atleast once a year and have explored various parts of Maharashtra as well.