We are the best candidates because..

Being completely infected with wanderlust, the GDC gives us the perfect way to getaway again. Gives us the opportunity to do what we do best. Learn more about ourselves, laugh at ourselves, meet new people, get lost on the way and take the road that’s not on the map, try out new food and see the world through new eyes. The translation for the perfect trip comes in the form of photographs, writing and design. Living in the moment, trying out the different and most importantly having a lot of fun is what we deem as the perfect life. India is what provides the feed for seeing the new. From trekking in the reserve forests of Mukurthi to meandering along the little painted streets of Benares, from driving along Kargil and having breakfast with the army captain and arguing about women in the army to sampling streetfood and crazy traffic in Calcutta, the diversity of India feeds the curious in us. Doing the GDC through India gives us the opportunity to be us.