Our Introduction

Being best friends with Bharath has been my biggest challenge to date. Constantly arguing about most topics under the sun and having diametrically opposite perspectives to life makes us such good friends. Having met at photography school, our shared passion for travel, culture, music, books and art made us drive off to different places on photography ‘assignments’. 5 years down post-grad school we still make spontaneous trips to feed our wanderlust. From the high desert roads of Ladakh to the forbidden country of Bhutan, from snorkeling in the clear blues of the Andaman Islands to sipping chai with a tribal from Rajasthan, traveling makes us who we are. Translating what we see and feel into photography, writing and design is how we capture those moments (and of course talking about our trips non-stop to our friends who are perpetually envious!) Running his organic coffee estates in Coorg and having been an environment science student in his undergrad days, Bharath is the perpetual environment conscious bloke who loves to trek. The quiet reserved type he is almost obsessive about anything to do with electronics and wildlife..An architect in my undergrad days and currently an advertising photographer in Mumbai I am a complete foodie who enjoys meeting people, ready to learn anything new from salsa to sailing a sea-bird. Always looking for the new, I constantly find myself being aware of spatial design, art and culture. All of these opposites make us close friends while constantly feeding our five senses.